Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Insights, New Series...Treasure

Last July I lost a brother whose courage and brilliance have inspired my entire life. Our conversations had often been about art, building things, and sailing. For a time in my grief I had absolutely no interest in creating anything.

One afternoon in August, while I was viewing a recent video of us discussing art and creativity, I had a breakthrough experience as I imagined making a linear sculpture that expressed our dialogue. Continuing in my current direction with sculptural forms, it was the beginning of a new series that I call "Kites", concerned with the concepts of soaring, sailing, overcoming.

This is the thing that I have created that I treasure most. It is my first "Kite". Because of the experience that guided my work, I've gained fresh insights into the creative process. On a personal level, the piece symbolizes a connection that is alive in me now, just as it always has been.
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