Wednesday, September 15, 2010


An artist creates from internal and external experiences. And in the mix of this creative process the unconscious merges with the conscious. In the very broadest sense, whatever I encounter on a visual, auditory, and tactile level informs my work and inspires me.

Of course there are some influences over time that have been more obvious and meaningful to me than early passion for drawing, the magic of metals in welding and casting,
mixing actual light colors in space to create changeability and a purity unattainable with pigments...Yet, whether I draw, paint, sculpt, or make jewelry, regardless of my materials or techniques, nature has always been a primary underlying source of inspiration.

Spider's Web Outside my Window

Everything passes through this filter. My design ideas usually relate to natural organic qualities and asymmetric balance which in turn influence how I visualize three-dimensional construction.

Moon Outside My Window

Ocean beaches and the northern woods are my meditative spaces. In the late fall, when tree limbs are bare and the linear character of a landscape is exposed, my artist's eye considers the aesthetics of line, texture, shape, color, and space in nature all around me.

Asymmetric-Organic Bangle No. 8 in Argentium Sterling

Presently, I'm combining the unlikely arts of drawing and sculpting to create linear spatial forms which I think of as drawings in space. There's a spontaneity expressed in nature that engages my imagination in forming some of my wearables. I work towards a simple, minimal statement.
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Thomasin Durgin said...

"In the very broadest sense, whatever I encounter on a visual, auditory, and tactile level informs my work and inspires me." So true! You seem to live very closely with nature and it's clear that it informs your work. What's interesting is that your pieces don't imitate nature - there's something more there. Loved your post, Jan!

Jan said...

Love your observation, Tomi! Thank you for that. :) Inspiration is one thing, but what you do with it is something entirely individual and (hopefully) original!


Alice Istanbul said...

Great post. I love how the bracelet ties it all together :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful post Jan!
I love learning more about everyone :)

Jan said...

Thanks, Alice! Such a great blog topic to get to a better understanding of everyone's work!

Jan said...

Hi, Ande! :)

This is a brilliant topic. THANK YOU! Learned a lot about myself reflecting on my sources of inspiration this month.

Now I'm learning about the rest of the team! Love it!


jewelrybynatsuko said...

I love your post as always:) I can see your work is really nature inspired through your eyes... beautiful!

Jan said...

Thanks, Natsuko! While I've been concentrating on LINE in metals lately, COLOR is such an inspiration in my drawings.

I enjoy your work so much; what you do with color is wonderful!!!